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Apple Mac Tuition and Training

we come to you apple training We offer can offer friendly, effective tuition in a number of Apple Mac related areas. Our experts can train customers, from those using the MAC OS X for the first time, through to those using the Pro Applications such as Logic Pro or Final Cut. We also offer advice through the iMan Blog, and are happy to advise customers, after they have recieved out training. Should the inevitable questions us or give us a call!

Mac OS X

The Mac OS X is at the heart of the Mac computer experience and we offer a 1 1/2 hour introduction to the Mac system for $120 mac os x lion and snow lion tuition


Dont understand how the iOS works on your iphone? we can bring you up to speed quickly. And set up your phone at the same time.


Want to learn more about the basics of the iPad? or would like to explore the potential of this great device more. Either way we can help.


The iPhone is a wonderfully simple device and we can bring you up to speed quickly with some essential, "Meet your new iPhone training"        


Learn how to do everything iPhoto can offer: Organising your photos into the folders you would like. Altering and improving your images. Through to sharing your photos with others through email, icloud, flick and even turning your favourites into a printed album! auckland based ipad training in your house


Turn your great footage into movies to share with your family and friends. Add cool effects, titles...fix up your shaky footage. and even make your videos into a hollywood style trailer. It's all easy with iPhot if you know how to do it. We can train you to do just that. fast.


Garageband turns your computer into recording studio. This powerful piece of software comes with ever Mac, and with it you can do almost anything. We have a musical expert who can show you how this application can be used.        

Logic Pro

The worlds greatest music software! Well we think so anyway. Expert training and help is at hand. Give our expert a call, and see if he can help. apple final cut training

Final Cut Pro

Our Final Cut trainer has completed the Apple Final Cut Studio training and is proficient in Final Cut X also.


Aperture is the aclaimed Apple professional photo management package. If you want to extend what you do with your photography beyond what iphoto can do Aperture is for you. Introductory expert training is available to show you how to use this great program.

OUR RATES:  1st Hour $110
Then $ 79  per hour
(Minimum 1 Hour)
mobile: 021 269 4263
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